Problematic kpop carrd

BYF. sb before unf ♩ if i ever tweet anything that makes u uncomfortable please tell me ♩ if i follow someone problematic let me know ♩ i tweet mostly about nct and wayv ♩ sometimes I fight with locals or kpop stans ♩ i either spam tweet a lot (including fancams) or i'm semi ia ♩ if you rt a lot I probably won't follow ♩ english is not my first language ♩

any pronouns + neos. 17. chilean. indigenous. non-binary. lesbian. libra. eng/esp. nd. bipolar. psychotic. ☾ priv ☼ pronouns ccat. LiKES. valorant, ghibli studio, dogs, mc, asmr, music, she-ra, kpop, forests, sushi, comfy blankets, baking, making jewelry, bunnies. BYF ! Before You Follow i tweet in spanish a lot, i call out people and hold ...
taurus. she/her. asian - (+63) dfi homophobic,transphobic,racist, invalidate pronouns, sexualized minors. byf i tweet in english/tagalog,i re/tweet a lot><,i curse sometimes,dm me if i posted something problematic, i'm still a baby army hehe feel free to educate me if I did something wrong ^___^.
lian’s carrd. she/her 7teen. bisexual white latine (🇵🇷) libra eng/span. no pet names, all gendered terms ok.
:D jennie kim, kpop, horror, winter, spicy food, cats, music D: fan wars, rude people, blonks, akgaes, insects, ocean, anti blackpink, MCYT TW insects, blood, needles note!! i do not support the problematic things my faves have done, if i ever do something problematic pls educate me on my DMS
~kpop stan since fall 2019 ~sometimes I draw & make edits! dnfi! ~racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. ~-13 or 27+ ~problematic anti, solo stan, unit stan, or akgae ~you send death threats/gore or support doxxing ~you follow/support sasaengs ~btspopper/think any kpop idol or group is above kpop ~you argue about who paved the way
asia's carrd ★ ... Right Chevron; BYF im a minor, i get triggered easily, i talk about kpop a lot, i talk in caps sometimes, i use tone tags when needed, and im better than everyone else /j. DNI basic dni criteria, -13 or 21+, if your racist/homophobic or problematic
to oomfs; to current oomfs💌-thank you for being my being in my life!! all of you are valid and im always here for you 24/7! i love you so so so much. please continue being friends with me! - jia ♡to new oomfs💌-hello!! please interact when you see me on the tl! i love to interact with everyone!! just drop me a dm if you wanna be oomfs - jia ♡
DFI ! > you fit the dfi criteria. > -12 / +25. > you don't have plan on interacting w/ me. > you're racist, homophobic, etc. > you're rude/disrespectful. > you're bully. > you're problematic. > you're toxic. > you're anti of the groups i stan. > you're btspopper.. NOTE ! > i do not condone any problematic things my faves do and i hold them accountable. > i'm not that fluent in english so ...
other kpop stuff. ult: Felix biases: Minho, Changbin, Seungmin other groups i stan: gwsn, g-idle, day6, lucy
NOTE I do not condone anything problematic my stans have done and will hold them accountable. my name is ara but please call me tara if we're not close. Also, DO NOT gatekeep my stans/biases from me. im okay with pet names.
anti any of my faves. don't have anything in common. anti jschlatt or connoreatspants. Note: Please lmk if I said/did anything to offend you I have trouble understanding peoples feelings or knowing if I said or did came off the wrong way. It is never my intention to purposely offend/hurt someone. ULTS: junho eunhyuk donghun momo yves yeojin.
jaehyun, dogs, piercings, writing, drawing, kpop, anime, angst aus, iced coffee ... if you're 12 below if we're not on the same interests if cursing too much annoys u if you're a dds or if u exhibit problematic traits etc. if you're an anti to my faves. Made with Carrd ...